Northeast Bovine Genetic Improvement Association

VEAL: The existing veal market is 90:10 Male:Female and it would take a 4 fold increase for veal lbs to equal 1% of the by weight BEEF. After genomic testing (Genomic Testing and Sexed semen (An increase in the Female/Male ratio) go hand in hand). Sexed semen has a huge potential to flood the market with replacements and milk. It intuitively obvious that reversing the sex ratio to 10:90 male:female and quadrupling lower carcass weight veal lbs VS that of the carcass wt of finished beef would go a long way toward stabilizing milk, dairy replacements and beef prices. 

Meat Production and Actual Live weight and Dressed Weight W/E 07/08/2017 --------------------    

           Production                 Species and Class               Live weight                      Dressed Weight 

                              Mil. Lbs.                                               Lbs.                                 Lbs.

Beef                 443.0 (99.7%)          Cattle                         1,334                              811 (100%)

Calves & Veal      1.2     (.3%)          Calves                          244                              143

                                           Special Fed Veal                                                            282.5 (35%)

Pork                 389.8                        Hogs                            278                              208

Lamb & Mutton    1.9                      Sheep                            130                                65

Total Meat Production  835.8


From the Neatherlands

From Quebec

WE take care of our calves! OUR FEMALE Calves! They have never been through the stress of putting on a trailer, being exposed to other calves in a sale barn or having been transported to a special veal raising facility. It the view of the author that a 3 week old GENOMIC TESTED CALF is the best of calves to be placed ON DAIRY FARM RAISED SPECIAL VEAL.