Northeast Bovine Genetic Improvement Association

A) AI Report Cards are, to minimize file size, reduced to the current Trimester and a single AI consisting of 4 parts 1) The current AI lineup, including a break down of a) sexed and b) conventional sires. 2) Suggested changes in the sexed semen lineup. 3) Suggested culling's. 4) A  universal list of top 10 suggested Sires of Sires.

B) Explanations are included within the Excel worksheet as to why some sires were favored, while others were passed on to remain as conventional semen sires and/or suggested for culling. 

C) For the reader that is unfamiliar with Excel there are instructions and/or explanations as to how the data was obtained and explanations as to how certain "private" columns were obtained. 

Got a favorite AI Stud or breed? The Association is seeking volunteers.

Each Trimester the AI's update their lineups with NAAB info. 1) New sires need their Beta casein and Kappa casein status added and the stud's sexed semen status updated. 2) Older sires need to be double checked against the latest NAAB list and if not included, using stud info, the previous Trimesters files need updating (particularly the associations selection criterion.)  3) not included in the NAAB info, all sires need their latest Dairy Wellness Profitability $ index's updated. 

4) Experienced Excel users can, once collated, 1) The current AI lineup, including a break down of a) sexed and b) conventional sires. Using uniform selection criterion complete sections 2 and 3 of the Report card