Northeast Bovine Genetic Improvement Association

Northeast Bovine Genetic Improvement Association

The purpose of the "Association" is to improve the Nations Bovine-Primarily Dairy Herd.

1a)To date by putting pressure on the AI's to shorten the generation interval (Sexed semen) of more favorable Geno Types through sexed semen (Beta casein A2A2, RC and Polled.) But not limited to. Including other quantitative qualifiers such as SCE, DPR's, PL etc. Our suggested Sexed semen lineup is generally positive in a variety of ways to that of the studs general line up.  

1b) Likewise request the removal of sub Beta and Kappa casein sires in the lower half of a studs lineup, particularly severely negative Beta casein A1A1 sires and less negative Beta casein A1A2 sires that are Kappa casein A(E), B(E) or (EE).

1c) Encourage the use of "Top 10" Beta casein sires EXCLUSIVELY as sire of sires.

​1d) The Net Merit and TPI indexes have evolved over time. Sires and cows have been bred accordingly. The same can't be said for the Dairy Wellness Profitability $ Index. The association recognizes that in selecting sires with the highest DWP$'s the maximum amount of genetic gain can be obtained in Generation 1 and advises the studs to use DWP$'s as the major selection of its Sires of sires, Sexed Semen and Conventional Semen Lineups.


1) Globally, other markets, particularly Europe views the Dairy Breeds as Dual Purpose and have carcass quality data. The Association encourages carcass quality be included in Genomic testing results.

2) VEAL: The existing veal market is 90:10 Male:Female and it would take a 4 fold increase for veal lbs to equal 1% of the by weight BEEF. After genomic testing (Genomic Testing and Sexed semen (An increase in the Female/Male ratio) go hand in hand). Sexed semen has a huge potential to flood the market with replacements and milk. It intuitively obvious that reversing the sex ratio to 10:90 male:female and quadrupling lower carcass weight veal lbs would go a long way toward stabilizing milk, dairy replacements and beef prices. The Association encourages

1) Genomic testers to a) test early, preferably at birth b) Feed a calf starter free, HEAVY 2 lb milk solid only diet until genomic test results have returned. c) Results are available on line, once obtained, discount at 21-30 days post-partum (at least the lowest 3%) to that of the price obtained of that of a 1-3 day old male bob, (THE COMPETITION) d) Sort! Place the selected culls on a SPECIAL VEAL DIET.

2) Encourage packers not to discount DAIRY FARM RAISED VEAL

3) Encourage "Sale barns" to find buyers for Dairy Farmer CERTIFIED SPECIAL DIET VEAL.

4) Encourage Milk Replacer producers to add a Veal Special replacer to their product lineup. 

4) Encourage through the Beef Check Off and funds from the American Dairy Association sales promotions of "VEAL, the other white meat"   

Any and all issues future and present that genetically improve the Bovine Herd. 

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